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There are several types of rooms /room categories available to select from, which will surely meet your requirements and demands. If you like luxury and yet at the same time you would like to feel like at home our hotel will meet your expectations.There is a room dedicated to Greta Garbo or to a popular move named Adéla ještě nevečeřela/ Adéla hasn’t had dinner yet. The beds are equipped with orthopaedic mattresses; there are top-of-the-art shower units and electrically heated floors in the bathrooms.

Galéria - Izby   Galéria - Izby   Galéria - Izby


All the rooms are for non-smokers only.

The overall capacity of the accommodation part: 36 beds (30 of which are permanent ones).


Galéria - Izby   Galéria - Izby   Galéria - Izby  


Accommodation possibilities.

There are several room types / categories available for you, which will surely meet your requirements and demands.


Galéria - Izby   Galéria - Izby   Galéria - Izby


Discriminating clients can select from 12 standard rooms, 2 LUX rooms and 3 Aparments a suite:


Galéria - Izby   Galéria - Izby   Galéria - Izby


Pricelist of accommodation [ 61.21 KB ]