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This room is dedicated to a hero with a mask called Zorro, who appeared on the scene for the first time in the novel of Johnston McCulley named Capistran’s Curse almost half a century ago. The author created Zorro as a character in a black cloak and a black hat. Moreover he rides a black horse.

There is an LCD screen (screen diagonal 80cm), digital TV, floor heating, a fridge with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, a fan with remote controller, internet and a balcony in this room. The beds are made of solid timber and are equipped with special orthopaedic mattresses. The bathroom is equipped with a top-of-the-art shower unit with a foldable seat, as well as with a hair drier and electrically heated floor (DEVI).

The Legend of Zorro

The masked hero Zorro returns to the silver screen to help the poor ones and to punish the bad ones. In the latest version about Zorro called The Legend of Zorro if will be for the second time that Antonio Banderas will appear in an elegant black mask.

The original name: The Legend of Zorro

Genre: Action/adventure movie
Length in minutes: 131 minutes
Country: USA
Year: 2005
Suitability: MP 12

Film director: Martin Campbell
Screenplay: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman
Cameraman: Phil Meheux
Music: James Horner
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rufus Sewell, Adrian Alonso, Nick Chinlund

It has been 7 years already since we were firstly spellbound by the mysterious movie with an attractive cast such as Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas or Catherine Zeta-Jones called Zorro: The Mysterious Face. This time, after the successful Golden Eye, previous Zorro movie or adventure movie called Vertical Limit, Martin Campbell presents to the spectators a new movie, the continuation of the story about an ‘American Robin Hood’, which somewhat slipped down and ended up as Sommers’s second episode of the Mummy called the Mummy Returns.

In this second episode we will not see the charismatic Anthonyho Hopkinsa, yet it will be the return of a couple who gave a birth and brought up their 10 years old son named Joaquin (Adrian Alonso). Don Alejandro de la Vega (Antonio Banderas), his wife Ellen (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and their son live decent and orderly life, yet every time the innocent or oppressed suffer Alejandro puts his mask on, his saddle on the back of his devoted horse Tornado and takes an action. However, this generous routine has a negative impact on the life of his family and it all starts getting into Ellen’s hair. He is not there anymore for her and for their son upbringing. What Ellen thinks though is that one’s California will become the 31st member of the American Union, it will be basically safe and her Alejandro can got on early retirement and will be there for her and their son.

But that, on the other hand, is a very traumatizing fact for Alejandra. It is already the idea of giving up his black cloak, mask and his sword that makes him nervous. He does not even consider saying goodbye to Zorro just because of his family. And there are still three more months, very hot months until joining the USA. The situation results in the moment, when Alejandro is getting ready for an action and Ellen tells him that if he leaves, he does not need to come back that day. Thus Alejandro does not come home for three months and after very complicated facts and circumstances he receives divorce petition. These love-birds are really getting divorced, which is unbelievable and the unhappy hero is drowning his sorrows related to his catastrophic problems. He is very disappointed, full of grief or hate. While Alejandro is still drinking (it takes very long), the spectator already knows for a long time that this divorce is only a part of a devilish plan of two main negative characters, i.e. McGivens with wooden teeth and French count Armando (Rufus Sewell), who know the real identity of Zorro. And to make it even worse Armando starts to be attracted to just divorced Ellen and starts to import huge amount of soap to America! And thus it is not just the fate of Zorro’s family or marriage that is in danger but also the fate of California or the whole USA even...



Martin Campbell is in connection with this episode compared with his colleague director Stephenom Sommersom and his two Mummies. While the first episode was mysterious and charming containing simple yet effective story line, the second episode (as it is usual) is over the top and too complicated from screen play but more importantly from visual point of view. The story is too complicated, filled with politics (even the current one). There are also characters added to this movie who think that the country behind the Atlantic is too dangerous and that an action should be taken to change it. By these of course Islamic terrorists are meant. In my opinion adding current politics in this movie is useless and represents a negative feature of it.

This episode is, at least the parade of outstanding action and breakneck scenes. There is a lot of chasing, swordplay or explosions. There is even a scene, in which Zorro gets on the roof of a running train sitting on his horse. In this episode Zorro turns from a mysterious character to an acrobatic star giving performance for his own enjoyment or for “audience ovations”.



I can therefore define the screenplay of Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the recent Island Michael Baya) as too complicated thanks to everything that can fit in this genre. It would all be perfect if the film director was able to direct these elements or “mix it and spice it up” correctly. Another strong negative feature of the screenplay lies in the unbelievable length of the movie, which is long even for this type of genre! The spectator feels as if they spend almost 3 hours sitting in the cinema.

Screenplay insufficiencies or inconsistencies are in some places overlaid or even saved by the personal charm of Antonio Banderas or his spouse Catherine Zeta-Jones (who is also given enough space to show her sharp eye and physical condition) and by pleasant and non-violent humour, of which however is over the top in some places.

In simple terms the movie The Legend of Zorro does not bring anything new. It can be included in the group of usual second episodes, which took a different direction than the first and usually more original one. Yet, there is still a lot to see. Even if you get bored by the first somewhat pseudo-psychological part of this episode the second and more action-based, spectacular part of it will ensure partial compensation...