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There is the Greta suite included in our offer of accommodation services, named after the famous actress Greta Garbo.

The luxury equipment of the room consists of a leather sofa, plasma screen (screen diagonal 107 cm), digital television, mini-tower, air conditioning and a fridge with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The bathroom is equipped with a top-of-the-art shower unit with a foldable seat, and with a hair drier and electrically heated floor (DEVI). It consists of two separate rooms – a living room and a bedroom. There is a wardrobe in the entrance hall and a desk in the bedroom. The suite has the internet connection (Wifi, network cable). The beds are made of solid timber and are equipped with special orthopaedic mattresses.

Biography Greta Garbo

Occupation:  Actress
Real name:  Greta Lovisa Gustafsson
Nicknames:  The Face, The Swedish Sphinx, Garbo
Date of birth:  September 18, 1905
Born in:  Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Died:  April 15, 1990
Height:  174 cm
Measurements:  35 1/2-26-38
Star sign:  Virgo

On September 18 it will be exactly 104 years since the birth of one of the most outstanding Hollywood personalities – the actress Greta Garbo.

She was born in Stockholm under her real name Greta Lovisa Gustafsson. Her farther died when she was 14 years old and she had to interrupt her studies and start working in order to help her mother. She was earning money in a department store, where they were also using her modelling experience. When she appeared in her teens in a short commercial for the department store called How not to Dress or Mr. and Mrs. Stockholm Going Shopping she started to long for the movie career. The director Eric Petscher gave her a small role in the move called Luffar-Petter in 1922. Richer thanks to this experience she applied for studies at the Royal Academy of Theatre that very year and got a scholarship. After small roles she played during her studies she was selected by Mauritz Stiller for the movie called Gösta Berlings Saga in 1923. In November 1923 she officially changed her name to Greta Garbo. In 1925 Greta and Stiller got an offer from MGM Movie Company and Greta got a role in her first American movie called Torrent. Since this was a silent move, she did not have to say a word in English. Stiller was however fired from MGM very soon and he died very shortly after returning to Sweden at the age of 45. Greta was devastated. After movies The Temptress (1926), Love (1927), A Woman of Affairs (1928) and other she appeared in her first sound movie called Anna Christie in 1930. She was nominated for the Academy Awards for the main role she played in this movie in The Best Actress category. She was the first foreigner, who became one of the most popular personalities of the movie world already in her first year in the U.S.A. and she held this sovereign position for 15 years. She played in 25 American movies, out of which 14 were sound ones. After the failure of Romance pictures she excelled in the movie called Susan Lenox: Her Rise and Fall playing the main role there together with Clark Gable, who she claimed to hate. This feeling was mutual. She saw him as a bush-leaguer and Gable, on the other hand, regarded her as a snob. In 1931she played another outstanding role in Mata Hari movie. Every single performance of Greta on the silver screen was a success and she was also given a role in another smash called Grand Hotel. Yet, it was most likely that it was the character of Anna in Anna Karenina movie filmed in 1935 that was the role of her life time. She starred in several other successful movies such as Ninotchka and Two-faced Woman before the World War II started.

Once the war was over her world changed forever and she locked herself away and did not stand up in front of the camera anymore. She appeared in her last movie called Two-faced Woman in 1941 at the age of 36. After that she left Hollywood and moved to New York City. In 1951 she became an American citizen. She was spending all her time in her garden taking care of flowers and planting vegetables. She was known for her long walks along New York, where she was hiding behind huge sunglasses dressed as an ordinary woman. She was thus trying not to set herself at gaze. Paparazzi and media, however did not stop to chase her by the very end of her life. She died on April 15, 1990 in New York. Yet, there are several versions of the cause of her death and thus her death stays as mysterious as her life was. According to some of the sources her death was the result of kidney failure, others say that she died of pneumonia or naturally. She was 84 years old then. Her ashes were buried on Skogskyrkogarden cemetery in Stockholm.

Jacques Feyder a movie director said about her that she was very punctual and she required the same from the others. If filming was to finish at 6pm for example, Greta knocked on her watch and with an excusing smile left the scene despite the fact that it could have been finished in 5 minutes. It is said that she never attended any spectacular movie premiers. Instead she would rather go to a hidden cinema somewhere on the outskirt and buy the cheapest ticket and leave once the movie was over; hidden behind her huge sunglasses. Apart from the very beginning of her carrier she did not give any interviews, did not give any autographs and did not reply to her fans’ letters. If there was something she did not like during filming, she simply said ‘I think I’ll return to Sweden’ making thus the whole stage crew scared to such extent that they did everything she asked for. It is said that while filming some of the scenes she sent everybody away except the cameraman and the light engineer, even the film director was not allowed to watch. “When people are looking at me I become only a woman making funny faces into the camera and that spoils the illusion. ‘When I am on my own there, my face can do the things I would not be able to do otherwise’ she explained. She was susceptible to chronic depressions and she spent many years fighting against them using eastern philosophies and healthy regime. She, however, never stopped smoking and she was not able to give up cocktails either. Greta never got married - in 1927 she left John Gilbert standing by the altar, because she did not feel good about their marriage.

She was awarded the Oscar for her unforgettable acting in 1954. The British magazine Empire made her the 38th most outstanding film star ever. Entertainment Weekly sees her as the 25th most outstanding star in the history of movie making; Premiere Magazine places her on the eight place of a similar chart. The American Film Institute placed Greta on the fifth place out of fifty biggest legends of the silver screen. She was even listed in the Guinness book of World Records as the most beautiful woman ever.