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The room is dedicated to a brilliant comedy of Oldřich Lipský Adéla ještě nevečeřela / Adéla hasn’t had dinner yet.

There is an LCD screen (screen diagonal 70 cm), digital TV, floor heating, a fridge with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The room has the internet connection (Wifi, network cable). The beds are made of solid timber and are equipped with special orthopaedic mattresses. The bathroom is equipped with a top-of-the-art shower unit,  hair drier and electrically heated floor (DEVI).

Adéla ještě nevečeřela

14 years after famous Lemonade Joe (1964) was filmed the film director Oldřich Lipský and the screenplay writer Jíří Brdečka got together again in order to create another outstanding spoof (this time related to stories of brave heroes), which deserves its place in the golden collection of Czechoslovak film comedies.
There was the whole bunch of excellent actors playing in the comedy Adéla has not had dinner yet, the main character of which is the famous detective Nick Carter, who accepts invitation from the police commissar Ledvina and comes to Prague in order to solve a mysterious crime - disappearance of the dog of Thun countess. Costumes in this movie were taken care of by Theodor Pištěk and the animated part of the movie was created by Jan Švankmajer. The success of this movie, which was highlighted by the number of awards it was given either at home or abroad, was also achieved thanks to the excellent cameraman Jaroslav Kučera, who captured the glamour and atmosphere of Prague of secession times.


Nick Carter / Krajan Matějka - Michal Dočolomanský
Komisár Ledvina - Rudolf Hrušínský nejst.
Von Kratzmar - Miloš Kopecký
Profesor Boček - Ladislav Pešek
Květuška - Naďa Konvalinková
Komorník - Václav Lohniský
Hraběnka Thunová - Květa Fialová
Karin - Olga Schoberová
Barón Kaunitz - Martin Růžek
Špeh - Karel Effa
Riaditeľ hotela - Zdeněk Dítě
Uvadač v šantáne - Vladimír Hrabánek
Hosť - Myrtil Frída