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Mihal Gallery

Andy Warhol, Steve Kaufman, Daniel Brogyanyi

HM prepared for you the first-ever private exhibition of original works of Andy Warhol, which is accessible to the public. Gallery works bears the name of mihal gallery.

Among trump gallery is notably the work of Marilyn Monroe. This is a unique print of high artistic value.

The other main draw includes the works of  Wayne Gretzky and complete portfolios H. Ch. Andersen, Sickles and hammers, and Annunciation (inspired Leonardo da Vinci), St. Apolonia.

Since his death Warhol is top selling artist. Leaving work in the incalculable value. The Hotel Múza will be present 30 works.



Biography Andy Warhol


"Every time the fifteen minute glorious," sounds the famous sentence of the king of pop-art Andy Warhol. Artist, in which all prices fails evaluation criteria. Pale man with a scary sight, in a black turtleneck and silver wigged was at the right place at the right time. Offspring Ruthenian parents nothing and does not appear. But what engage the American public, was devoted to the persistence pitbull. In his works put on the altar of drinking fetish market company, which collect with his colleagues in the Factory - factory for the arts. Today expire 81 years after his birth.

Who was an Andy Warhol? "As a child carefully listened to our mothers Julia talking about his country of ancestors," said his older brother, Paul. "He realy like to go to Slovakia, but he never ceme. Oh, Andy, Andy. He was convinced that his talent comes from sky. It was a golden man who wanted to by loved. Every act of disallowance, it very hurt him. Then for the long days he run from people and remained alone. We had to convince him that his efforts is meaningful and, together with another brother J we did not let him fall on the hard floor of life, " recalls Paul Warhol, who also paint with his famous brother. "With one picture he was not entirely convinced and asked me for advice. Instead of words, I just painted it on and he left it there. The picture I have with me. "

Andy Warhol born 6th August 1928 in Pittsburgh, died in New York. 22. February 1987. "Was enow to do everything," he said about the Warhol his personal friend, Salvador Dali, which has survived him for two years. "And the craziest thing in his presentation had the sense. In this regard, my name has remained largely owing. And inimiteble. Once I will say it to him. "

Last year ended forty years, Warhol exhibited his series of cans Campbell soup. That time it was a regular subject of daily consumption, but the Warhol -handed into a cult thing. As the first promoted portraits of known people. Refined manipulation of senses and awareness of the audience, he managed to detect instinct who began to worship the new gods. Lenin, Mao Zedong and Campbell´s soups have become megastars like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, and Mick Jagger.


Warhol is generally dealt with objects that are widely known and read them in a new but classic look, and the plane, making them cult objects of his time, thanks to his personal way of rendering hitherto unnoticed fact in the way of advertising poster. Deliberately chose the most complete courses in America that day come into contact, made them symbols of modern times and the consumer society, to show how they can be used for art and commercial products, which breathed its magic and become the subject of his artistic creation. From a commercial object form a commercial art as his works are easy to remember and spreadable, printed in large costs have become extremely popular among all of society, in particular, its proximity to consumer objects that show.

Cambell's tomato soup has become so popular in the USA, and once appeared in the NY metro wagon painted with cans soups Campbell (photo can be found in publications by the authors: Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper: Subway art). So the soup became popular, given the extremely broad awareness of and created the universal symbol off America, as well as simplicity, users and Warhol alone.

And as one of the key icons of Fine Arts in second half of the 20 century is generally understood as part of major artistic channel called pop-art. However, unlike Rauschenberga, Lichtenstein and Johns, who specified face of popular culture in the 50th range and 60 years, through its Warhol endurance remains even in the golden period of pop-art, only the coordinates of the visual arts.


Managed to do, what some artists could not - wait for confession from the man in the street. Like Picasso, Dali, Pollock - the calculation is no means long. About his work, the auctions is fighting, the name of Andy Warhol is certainly on the world market. It is already clear that his fifteen minutes of fame exceeded to 15 minutes.