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mapa muza

Pri prachárni 5
040 11 Košice


Mob.: +421 915 757570


Miroslav Mihaľ




The hotel is near the centre of Košice and it is located 5 km from the airport. Less than a kilometer from the hotel are shopping centers Optima and Cassovia, Kika, Nay, Asko, Möbelix and Mercury Market.

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How to reach us

The Hotel Múza is located at Pri práchárni Street No. 5, above Železníky residential area and in close proximity of ČS PHM Carrefour, opposite Carrefour Shopping Centre in Košice (also known as OC Cassovia).
Have a look at the location on the map (

Our hotel is located 6 km from the airport, 5 km from the bus and train station.

The local public transport (MHD)

Public transport (Tram No. 9) is within the reach of the hotel, the tram stop "Železníky-križovatka" is located approximately 100 m from the hotel. "Blšák" (bus lines: 15, 16, 34) bus stop of MHD is approximately 20 m from our hotel. Click here here find Košice MHD timetable.

Bus and train connections

The main bus and train station is located approximately 10 minutes from the hotel when taking public transport or taxi.