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There are the premises, that can by used for congresses and various social events.

This part consists of three sections, which are interconnected:
  • A section for public dining (approximately 60 seats)
  • A section for private dining, the section can be closed to public
  • A section for pizza and drink preparation, a bar
We would like to draw your attention to the lounge, which forms a separate, closed space with a fireplace. The capacity of the lounge is approximately 10 - 15 seats. After a tiring working day you will surely appreciate relaxing moments in this popular corner of the hotel.

Its cosiness is highlighted by the fireplace. Feel free to try our specialties, cocktails and high quality wine here. The cosy terrace is another element that will surely contribute to the good atmosphere. Possibility to use the lounge for various smaller private celebrations, get-togethers.

Meals made to order such as roast pork, duck, smoked knee can be prepared for you upon your request.

The number of seats in individual sections of the restaurant depends on the arrangement of the tables, which can be as requested by the customer.